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Paranormal Books & Curiosities is a unique experience boutique that carries a wide selection of paranormal books and gifts.
621 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park, NJ   |  
Hours: Jan- Feb Weekdays PLEASE CALL-Sat 12-7, Sun 12-6   |  
(732) 455-3188
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Planning Your Visit

The Paranormal Museum is currently only available to the public at scheduled guided tours. The tours are Saturdays and Sundays 12:30, 2 pm & 3 pm.

The tours do sell out fast so we recommend purchasing tickets as soon as you decide to visit.

Night at The Paranormal Museum Candlelit Tours are scheduled base on availability.

The Paranormal Museum is housed on the second floor of our historic building.  Unfortunately it is not wheel chair accessible.

Private Tours

Private guides access to The Paranormal Museum can also be arranged- this is $100 for a 60 minute tour with additional time. This is for up to 8 people.
Additional people can added At additional rate with commiserate time Adjustment. To schedule please email: Tours@theparanormalmuseum.com


The Paranormal Museum is located in the center of Asbury Park’s historic downtown shopping district. It a vibrant and bustling city center and parking can be difficult. We recommend leaving extra time to park. Click on the “About” section to see parking options.


The good news is that it is really hard to get a bad meal in Asbury Park! We are located among the best restaurants on the Jersey Shore. Depending on what you like to eat and your budget here are our recommendations.

Our goto for a quick & delish meal is MOGO. Located right across the street, MOGO is high end food at reasonable prices. Fast, Fresh and Won’t Break the Bank!

If you are looking for a more substantial meal with table service there are so many choices! Our recommendations are:

Asbury Biergarten & Festhalle- Great environment, reasonable prices, amazing staff! You literally can’t go wrong. It overlooks the haunted lake as well- BONUS!

For an upscale experience is a beautiful and haunted place, we recommend TAKA. This is not a fast experience, but one to be savored, Taka is Japanese fusion and sushi in one of the most haunted buildings in NJ! The cocktails are amazing…and so are the other spirits.


Please remember to check that there is space available on the tour you want! We don’t want to disappoint you!