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Paranormal Books & Curiosities is a unique experience boutique that carries a wide selection of paranormal books and gifts.
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HOURS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT NO NOTICE. Saturday & SUnday 12- 6 pm And by Appointment.
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Krampuslauf FAQ

So, you have a vague idea who and what Krampus is.  You are beginning  to understand what the monsters of yule are and gingerbread is self-explanatory..but what exactly HAPPENS at Krampus AP?
Well, we have lots of fun activities, including Krampus Karols.  We have mask-making for the kids.  We have the Reading of the Naughty List (yeah) and of course, we have our Lauf,  What is a Lauf?  ah ok…well…it is a run.  What I mean is, we gather all of our Krampus creatures and other monsters (that is the folks who come dressed as Krampus) and we march through the down town and then we line them up and make them run. They are then tasked with terrifying the onlooker and the best is chosen by your screams and hoots and hollers.  That’s how we choose.  You screaming your dang head off in the park.
Or- you running as a Krampus.  Google “Krampus costume ideas” and get started on yours.  It is SO. MUCH. FUN.


Krampus FAQ
What is Krampus?
Krampus is a mythical creature originating from Alpine folklore, particularly in Austria, Bavaria, and other parts of Central Europe. He is often depicted as a horned, anthropomorphic figure with a demonic appearance. Krampus is said to accompany Saint Nicholas during the Christmas season, punishing misbehaving children while Saint Nicholas rewards the well-behaved ones.
According to the legend, Krampus carries chains and a bundle of birch branches to swat naughty children. He is also known for his long, pointed tongue and sharp fangs. In some traditions, he carries a sack or basket on his back to carry away the misbehaving children to his lair.
What is Krampus Asbury Park?
Krampus Asbury Park, the annual celebration of the legendary Christmas demon, is gearing up for its 9th year in Asbury Park, New Jersey. This unique event has become a beloved tradition for locals and visitors alike, attracting people from all over the region.
Krampus, a mythical creature from Alpine folklore, is known as the counterpart to Santa Claus. While Santa rewards good children with gifts, Krampus punishes the naughty ones. This dark and mischievous character has gained popularity in recent years, and Krampus Asbury Park has embraced the fascination with this folklore figure.
The event, organized by a dedicated group of volunteers, features a variety of activities and attractions. Attendees can expect to see a parade of Krampus characters roaming the streets, terrifying and delighting onlookers. The costumes and masks worn by participants are incredibly detailed and impressive, adding to the eerie atmosphere of the event.
In addition to the parade, there are also live performances, music, and art installations throughout the day. Local vendors offer unique Krampus-themed merchandise, perfect for those looking to take home a piece of the experience. Food and drink options are also available, ensuring that attendees can enjoy a festive and satisfying day.
Krampus Asbury Park has become a significant event for the community, bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds. It offers a refreshing alternative to traditional holiday celebrations, allowing individuals to embrace the darker side of the season. The event has grown in popularity over the years, attracting more participants and spectators each time.
As the 9th year of Krampus Asbury Park approaches, excitement is building. The event promises to be bigger and better than ever, with new surprises and additions in store. Whether you’re a fan of folklore, a lover of all things spooky, or simply looking for a unique holiday experience, Krampus Asbury Park is not to be missed.
Is it family friendly?
Yes! How else would we attract kids for Krampus to …I mean, sure it is!
How can I participate?
In addition to all of our events and just roaming around, we encourage you to BE the Krampus! Dress up as one of the “Monsters of Yule”.- there a bunch to choose from! Grab some horns, a mask, some faux fur or anything you have handy and join us for the Krampus Lauf! Check out some of the videos below for tutorials to be a more advanced “Perchten”. Each year we choose the scariest of the lot and proclaim them Krampus!
How much is it?
Well, lots of the festivities are free, even if we request you sign up, and it costs nothing to wander through our Krampus Market. The schedule of events is on our front page and the things that require tickets are noted.
Does Krampus eat all the Children?
Whoa whoa whoa…slow down…it’s complicated. Krampus is an agent of retribution, meaning that if he is coming for you. But the short answer is “no”.
And honestly the kids who attend love it. But you know your kid best, so use your judgment.
Where can I get info on Krampus?
You are in luck…you are there! But you can also follow Krampus on Instagram @krampusAP on Facebook @krampusasburypark and of course on our website paranormalbooksnj.com
Krampus eschews Twitter.
Are there lots of Krampus’?
Sometimes! Each year is different and we encourage everyone to dress as they choose! We have lots of Monsters we love, but angry elves, grinches, even Santa Claus’ show up.
Krampus Asbury Park Film Festival- kid friendly?
This one I lean toward “no” as the subject matter is usually dark, sometimes gory and always irreverent. That being said, the Film Festival Awards Brunch on Sunday is awesome and kid friendly!
The Walking Tour- What if I can’t make it?
Well, we are sorry to hear that! But our tour is a one time only thing. We charge $3 for adults and $1 for kids.
What else is there to do?
We have vendors, corn hole, Karoloake, bands, Krampus, movies, face painting, holy moly, I almost forgot the Reading of the Naughty List and a bunch of stuff..
Where can I put names on the Naughty List?
First of all, snitches get switches…