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Paranormal Books & Curiosities is a unique experience boutique that carries a wide selection of paranormal books and gifts.
621 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park, NJ   |  
HOURS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT NO NOTICE. Saturday & SUnday 12- 6 pm And by Appointment.
(732) 455-3188
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Family Tree – Honorary

Check out the list below!

New Jersey is very proud of The Jersey Devil and as such, many people claim lineage.  If you ARE a descendant of Mr. Leeds and Mother Leeds, please make sure to let us know.  If you are merely a fan, but want to claim kinship on this special day, please also let us know!  Your name will be entered into the tree and read aloud by the town crier!  You can even enter other people’s names and suggest a reason WHY they might be related to The Jersey Devil (wings, hooves, devilish good looks, perhaps).

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