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Paranormal Books & Curiosities is a unique experience boutique that carries a wide selection of paranormal books and gifts.
621 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park, NJ   |  
HOURS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT NO NOTICE. Saturday & SUnday 12- 6 pm And by Appointment.
(732) 455-3188
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Investigate The Paranormal Museum

The Paranormal Museum ® is an active location with a long history of phenomena.  In addition, our hundreds of artifacts add to the interesting and unique mixture of activity that can be found in The Paranormal Museum ®. From our case of haunted dolls to the Ritual Room, The Paranormal Museum ® is an investigator’s dream.  Included in your stay is access to our occult library for your research needs. Research while you investigate.
You and your team can access the location for 3 hours or 6 hours. Our facility includes a kitchen/central monitoring area, sitting area for breaks (although the location is still very active) and  3 bathrooms. Rates based on a maximum 8 people.

Additionally, The Paranormal Museum maintains relationships with local hotels to accommodate a late check-in and check out so you can get some rest after your investigation.

3 hours: $350  starts no later than 9 PM (8 people max)
6 hours: $550  Starts no later than 8 pm (8 people max)