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Paranormal Roadtrip 2020 OHIO

Paranormal Roadtrip 2020

I have decided to take a journey this year. In fact I have decided to take several.I have artifacts from all over the world and I love each of them. Even the ones I am a little afraid of, but I have not visited all of their places of origin. This year I am going to try to get to as many famously haunted places as I can and bring you guys footage and insights from those locations. BUT, I am way more interested in visiting the under the radar haunted places along the way and I want you to tell me where to visit. Starting in February, when I take a 48 hour trek to OHIO. That means we have the great state of Pennsylvania to cross on our way.

We plan on hitting Mansfield, the site of the Ohio State Penitentiary Fire and Wright Patterson Air Force base.

The artifact we are making the trek for is our prison door. It was a witness to one of the greatest fire disasters in United States History in 1930 when 362 men lost their lives.

The result of a poorly planned (aren’t they all?) prison break, the Ohio Penitentiary Conflagration spawned more than just stories. It created a dark spot on the landscape of Ohio and although the penitentiary was rebuilt and used through the 1980’s the stories of the screams and the agonizing pleas for help were reported almost from the moment the fire was put out. Aside from the fire, the penitentiary was a place of abuse and misery as many penitentiaries were and still are.

The fire was so great and the horror so pronounced, however, that even in that dark time in America’s history it stood out several songs were written and recorded so that the whole world would know of the event and the mismanagements that led to it. After this fire changes were made that impacted incarceration every whereas it became required that prisons and penitentiaries have a universal unlocking mechanism. The men in Ohio State died in their cells screaming because each door needed to be unlocked individually. Listen to these here if you can…

We have a lot of ground to cover and a lot of time in the car. So, Pennsylvanians and Ohioans (is that right?) where she would touch ground along the way? Keep in mind we want active sites, don’t have to be fancy of famous and maybe we can schedule a small coffee meet up along the way? Send me an email here [email protected] or call us at 732 737 9212 and tell your story!