What you should know about #KrampusAP

#KrampusAP is an event for Downtown Asbury park.  It is different from other holiday events in that we're embracing a slightly off center tradition of Yuletide, that of the Ancient tales of Krampus!

It is FREE!  Just come by and check it out.  We will have several events throughout the day, including 

1 pm "The Reading of the Naughty List".  We encourage you to add the names of those you think should be on the Naughty List to our Naughty List on Facebook!  You can then hear the name read aloud and also find it in our Krampus Naughty List Book.

2 pm A FREE Guided Tour of our Krampus Village..complete with folklore and stories from our residents who have had encouters with #KrampuSAP

3 pm Climb in Krampus' Sack for pics & giggles

4 pm We begin The Gathering.  This will be the gathering of all Krampus who have come to Asbury Park.  They will be penned for your amusement, but beware! Krampus is never fully contained!

4:30 the Unleashing! Krampus' will run amok, or rather proceed toward Kennedy Park and be judged.  This is our KrampusLAUF.  

5:15 PM The winner, the one who most embodies Krampus will be named Krampus AP 2016 and receive a Trophy !!Businesses throughout the Downtown are encouraged to have their products available for sale and to have a festive display.  We have secured a Sidewalk Sale permit and so good should be out on the street for passersby to see and shop!