What is Krampus?

In Ancient Yuletide lore the giving of gifts was not the whole story.  The goodly elf that we have come to know as Santa Claus had a companion whose responsibility was decidely darker.  Krampus was charged with delivering punishment to the those who had been "naughty" during the year.  He delivered his "treats" on a sliding scale, from piles of dirt to coal in the stocking to ...well..lets just say it could get a LOT worse.  

Krampus is still a part of Austrian and German Holiday traditions and is celebrated with mask making, Parades knowns as "Krampuslaufs" and merry making of a more terrifying nature.

December 5 is known as "Krampusnacht".  The night when Krampus would seek out those children on his naughty list.  This year, it falls conveniently on First Saturday in Asbury Park!  We are inviting everyone to show up in their Krampus best....or to see if their names are on his list! Please use #KrampusAP when sharing it on social media!

Asbury Park will be open for business none the less, with fun events for people of all ages and our holiday shopping ready to go!

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