Séance: Beyond the Veil


FRIDAY February 17 at 7 pm!


Join us at Paranormal Books & Curiosities as we reach across the great divide and attempt to contact those who have crossed over into the afterlife with a séance! Our séance will be led by facilitator Kathy Kelly, who will invite the departed to the table. Through the energy of all participants the collective will attempt to create a medium through which the spirits can communicate.. Space is very limited to preserve an intimate atmosphere and tickets are $30 per person. We look forward to seeing you around the table! This is appropriate fr ages 16 and up with adult supervision.


Séance Details:

1) Séance: Beyond the Veil lasts approximately two hours and is suitable for those 16 and older.  

2) Tickets are $30 per person. Space is extremely limited to provide for an intimate atmosphere and advance reservations are required. You can purchase your tickets online HERE.


3) Alcohol is NOT permitted during the Séance. Persons under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave. No refunds will be issued in the event of ejection from the event.

4) Tickets are non refundable and are for the date purchased. Tickets CANNOT be exchanged for another date.

5) This is appropriate for ages 16 and up with adult supervision

Book a Private Séance

A private Séanceoffers all the bells, whistles and chills of our regular Séance, but in a more intimate and personal setting. Our parlor will be exclusive host to you, your friends and family only for an evening you'll never forget. Private Séances require a minimum of ten guests and calendar availability is limited, on a first-come, first-served basis. To book a private Séance, please call or email the shop to begin the booking process.


What some people are saying :

Dec. 7 Attendee:...friends are still repeating things they heard and I didn't hear on Friday night. Everything makes complete sense to me...I am so Thankful and Grateful for everything you said...I wasn't going to come on the 11th because everything was answered for me...but a friend needs more comfort and she won't come by herself, so we will return in January...If anyone is thinking about going, please don't hesitate...It would be a Great Gift for someone who needs some comfort... especially this time of year...Many Thanks....


From DN : I attended the last seance at Paranormal Books and I am so glad I did...I received messages that night that only I would know and understand...and some things were mentioned to me by friends that attended with me that night, that I didn't hear but "got it" the next day. I am Grateful, I can have a Peaceful Holiday this year... If you have the opportunity to purchase tickets and have a open mind to it...than DO IT. Even if messages don't come to you personally...the messages to the other's in the group will blow you away...Peaceful 2013- 

From MM : I attended the December seance at paranormal books and curiosities. This was my first seance ever and first event with this store. I was not sure what to expect. I believe in the paranormal and of those who have passed coming though but I also believe some people use it to make money. Once at the store I felt instantly At ease. Kathy welcomed everyone and the people sitting down already seemed very friendly. I started to speak with those around me and felt instantly part of the group even though I knew no one. Once the seance started Kathy made jokes and helped everyone understand what was going to happen. There was no hokey stuff just a group of people ready to welcome the other side. Kathy asked us All to join hands and visualize a white light. Once the seance got started Kathy started getting messages from loved ones that past. Some of us saw shadow figures of the loved ones waiting to talk to their living people in our circle. Many received messages from those that have passed on. I was not one of the ones to receive a message however spirit is created by energy and it felt good to be part of that energy to allow others to hear from someone. The entire time I felt safe and involved in the process. I will for sure be attending another seance in the near future. Thank you Kathy for making the event fun, lighthearted and informational.