Psychic Readings


If you're looking for answers to burning questions or just a way to gain personal insight, a reading by a gifted intuitive can shed some light into your life. Our resident psychics offer many different styles of readings (including astrology, tarot cards & crystals) in a private yet comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Readings are a fantastic outlet for receiving guidance on a personal matter, relieving stressful anxieties through positive affirmation, or simply feeling assurance from an outside perspective! Readings may be booked in person, by phone or email. Paranormal currently features two psychics on staff, Linda and Deb and their individual hours are listed below.

Psychic Reading Prices

10 Minute Session - $20.00
A brief glimpse into the events around you.

20 Minute Session - $40.00
A fuller perspective with targeted questions.

30 Minute Session - $50.00
An in-depth, comprehensive life reading.


Readings by Debra Sage

Deb is a psychic/medium who works with fairy cards and tarot as a way to connect with her clients. Her purpose is to give information that guides the client to a place of confidence and self-empowerment in dealing with life's joy's and challenges.

Fridays 2:30-6 pm and by Appointment other days.

Readings by Delaney

By Appointment and Sundays 1-6pm

Delaney is a psychic medium who uses her abilities to help guide and comfort those who are searching for answers.  She uses tarot cards and her connection with spirit to shine light and help give direction to each client.

Sundays 1- 6pm and by appointment other days

Readings by Chris DeSerio

Chris DeSerio, MA, CHt


Author of the book 2 Keys for You to Succeed in Your Business and Personal Life Using Your Natural Psychic Gifts and the upcoming book Seven Ways to Transform Your Life Into the 1 You Want to Live: And What It’s Costing You Not to Live that Life.


Lily Dale-Trained Trance and Spirit Rescue Medium, Metaphysical Tutor, Spiritual Consultant, Energetic Healer, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master.  

Special Guest Reader March 19 , 2016 2-6 pm 30 minutes readings $50


Special Guest Psychic on March 26

2pm - 6pm

30 minute readings $50

60 minute readings $100

" A lifelong Jersey Girl growing up in rural Burlington County, I began having contact with spirits and premonitions throughout my youth. In 2003, I became a paranormal investigator with South Jersey Ghost Research and utilized my “ghost hunting” experiences to begin my journey of fully understanding and accepting my intuitive gifts. I have since become a psychic/medium, certified Reiki Master and educator, oracle card reader, medical intuitive, crystal healer and chakra therapist. I have facilitated hundreds of readings and mediumship sessions, both in a private one-on-one setting as well as a gallery format. My current interests lie in expanding my knowledge on past life experiences as well as animal totems. I have taught seminars on all of the aforementioned subjects and have been a guest on the History Channel program Weird US and the television show, Ghost Detectives, as well as a speaker at Pennhurst Paracon and libraries/seminars across the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area. I can currently be found blogging about my experiences at as well as acting as the Director of Jersey Paranormal Investigations.

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Disclaimer: Paranormal Books & Curiosities asks that all participants understand that a psychic reading session will be subject to your own personal interpretation and internal guidance. Our psychics are not licensed physicians or accredited attorneys and as such, the information they provide you with during your reading should never be regarded as legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial fact. Any choices and actions you take regarding your session are solely your choice and your responsibility.