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Smudging- An Ancient Art & Tradition By Delaney

It’s no coincidence smudging has been practiced for thousands of years, spanning all continents and across all boundaries of faith.  From cleansing properties to connecting the person to their higher power, the act of burning sage, or a variety of other offerings, is an important part of clearing our spiritual energy.

Your body and the spaces that you occupy are all made up of energy, and all energy has a vibration, both physical and spiritual.  There are forces around us that can bring that vibration up or down.  For instance, this is why laughter is contagious, and why when you feel down when you find out a friend is struggling.  It’s because vibrational energy attaches onto our own, whether up or down.  

So why would you smudge? Think of it in this way; burning sage is like spiritual Febreeze!  Negative energy is sticky; when you get into a fight, or have had a rough week or lose your job, that negativity is hard to shake off.  The act of smudging will trap the negative energy and rid it from your space, home, work and aura by encompassing it and as the smoke drifts out so does the negativity. 

This also goes for when you think you might have a negative spirit or paranormal activity in your home.  If you’re sensing a presence but it makes you uncomfortable, anxious or irritable, this may be someone who’s wandered in who hasn’t crossed over yet.  This would be a perfect time to smudge, where your mantra (intention) would be for them to cross over and to leave your home in peace.  But don’t worry about ridding your home of positive forces.  Look at the fundamentals of smudging; it clings to NEGATIVE energy and removes it.  All those who are there for your best interest and highest intent will remain with you!

Burning sage can have many other intentions as well.  If you’re just in a great mood and you want to offer a thanks to your spirit guides or loved ones who have passed away, burning incense will definitely do the trick.  During meditation, the smoke can also help bring up your vibration and connect you deeper to your own energies and your higher power.  This proves extremely helpful especially when you’re searching for some spiritual insight or meditating over some major decisions up and coming in your life.  With purification, smudging also blesses the space.  When you move into a new apartment or get a new car, smudging inside will bless the space and protect it from negativity as well. 

In essence, smudging can be a truly effective practice that will raise the vibration in your house as well as clear out anything that could be bringing you down.  Practice makes perfect, so the more you do it the more comfortable you’ll feel, and the more productive it will be.  Remember intention is everything, so think about what your personal mantra might be before starting and make sure to ask for exactly what you want. 

If you have questions, you can contact any member of the staff at Paranormal Books and Curiosities on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park.  April is here, so make sure to add smudging to your spring cleaning and start the season fresh! 

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