Paranormal Lives!

We are celebrating our 7th anniversary this year. 7 years! I can hardly believe it. Except that I always knew. I knew that people were as passionate about the paranormal as I was. I knew that if they were not, they were at least interested. After all, the inevitable end of life comes to us all, so people wonder what is next. It is natural. 

Still, it was nerve racking making the leap of faith it took to open PBC. It is hard to give up what you know and to jump into the unknown. In my case, that was literal! People looked at me quizzically, wondering if I was serious. Asbury Park was full of people who were following their dreams, opening niche businesses, but mine? Well that seemed to far off the beaten path to survive.

I made great friends. Some of them are still business owners in AP, some are not. The last few years were difficult for everyone. 

In 2009 we expanded and opened The Paranormal Museum. It houses our collection of paranormal artifacts, including haunted items donated to us by people too fearful to keep them. Opening The Paranormal Museum was another leap of faith. What kind of a nut expands her business in a recession? Well, now you know the answer..this kind of nut!

This year, Paranormal takes another leap of faith. We have purchased and entire building in the historic downtown of Asbury Park to house ALL of Paranormal, shop, classes, event space and museum. We are reinvesting both in the town and in ourselves. 

Our new home is not quite ready for us, but in the meantime, Paranormal Books & Curiosities continues and The Paranormal Museum is now FREE. The Paranormal Museum is now housed in the shop. 

2015 we will launch our 8th Tour season and welcome our 10,000 guest on our tour and we will host our 500th tour. I cannot thank our supporters enough for their energy, commitment and their willingness to join us for this wild ride. 

All I can do is invite you to stick around, the ride ain't over yet!