Haunted Travel-Paranormal Style

I have always been a person who loves historical locations.  I love to walk in the footsteps of history.  There is a satisfaction and thrill that comes with knowing you are touching the same stone, the same road, the same anything as another human being did perhaps a thousand years before.  It is like placing a thumbtack in the linear structure of history.
Of course, many would argue that time and history are not linear, but that would be a digression for this post. 

I like the idea that a forgotten person in a forgotten moment is remembered, even if only for a brief inconsequential second.  That is just staggering to me in some way.  This is one of the reasons i stop in cemeteries and read names.  I feel like to say those names, to speak them is to some way add life to the dust beneath the stone. 

This week I am going to one of my "bucket list" haunted locations, The Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana.  While the seminal story of the haunting is well known (and widely discredited) I do not think that the haunting itself has been.  I am very excited to see the spot that I have read and heard so much about. 

It brings me to a question though.  How important is the "story" of a haunting?  If a story created to explain phenomena is proven to be false does it negate the events that lead to the story being necessary?  Keep in mind that false does not mean "made up" or hoaxed.  It could simply be wrong.

As an investigator, I never want to know the story going in because I think it is irrelevant to the activity and often colors the investigation too much.  Too often people go into a location looking for what others have experienced, calling out names that others have assigned to a spirit or activity. Investigating with a preconceived idea of what is present can severely limit the investigation and definitely renders the evidence "suspect".

Still, a good story is part of the appeal of the paranormal!  It is that "touchstone" moment that connects us to the people who were there before.  And it makes things fun.  Right?  Fun is okay.  Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to "prove" something that I forget that.  Fun is okay.  So, I will be staying the night at The Myrtles and I will be doing so for the fun of it!  I invite Chloe to visit and i promise you all, I will share with you any experiences I do have!