Most Haunted...wait...what?

I've been reading through a lot of lists the last two weeks.  I am sure you have as well.  Top 25 Balloon rides of 2014, 10 Fastest Ways to Get fired, 37 Best Recipes for Homemade Cheese.  You know what I mean.  As one year ends and another begins we are bombarded by the obligatory "list".  I suppose it is a 21st century evolution from the 1990's "Countdown's" and I am sure there was an 1890's version as well.  We like to rate things.  We like things in some order, weighed and evaluated.

One of the lists that popped up in my creepily accurate browser suggestions was 25 Most Haunted places in the World.  Australia was pretty much absent from the list, as was Africa.  The places listed all looked really creepy and all seemed like places I would love to visit.  But it got me thinking about how does one determine just "how" haunted a place is?  Is it by number of ghosts?  Number of sightings? Frequency? Meanness? Length of history? Historical reputation?  Evidence? Scariness?

What makes one haunted place MORE haunted than another haunted place?  This isn't so much a blog entry as it is an honest question?  Why is The Tower of London, site of hundreds of deaths over centuries, more haunted than say, Monmouth Battlefield in New Jersey, also site of hundred of deaths?  Both have reports of activity, but if I were to ask pretty much anyone which is more haunted, the answer would be Tower of London, hands down.

So, I ask you...what makes one place more haunted than another?  What is YOU methodology?  AND..what are your top 5 most haunted places?