Crantings..Cranky Ranting

I was in five below yesterday...a truly interesting place that makes me feel like if I don't spend $5 I have failed in some way and I was waiting on line. I was REALLY successful yesterday because I had an armful of $5 items. In front of me were two boys, around age 9 and two girls, age 8. They were sifting through the various "impulse" items by the register and they were definitely going to succeed as well. there were two bags of items on the counter and a clerk who was shifting from one foot to another, nervously watching the line behind me grow. "Ma'am? he called out, are you ready?" From the back of the store we all heard "Just a sec!"

Tick Tock. No one appeared in the designated time. He cleared his throat and said to me, "I'm sorry". I waved it away, 'No problem" because it wasn't his fault. But actually I was really annoyed. Not at him or the time she was wasting, but at the complete lack of consideration she was showing and was clearly teaching her children. When she finally arrived, she started to pay and then said, wait I want some candy and stood back from the counter weighing her options. There were 5 people on line behind her all holding various items in their arms.
Finally she got all of the impulse items together, the boys picked lip balm and the girls picked sunglasses (interesting!) and away they went and I finally could put down my spoils.

As the clerk rang me up, back she came. She didn't wait her turn though, she interrupted mine. The sunglasses, it seemed, may have been crooked, could they be exchanged? yes, the poor clerk said and she went to the back of the store.

One of my items didn't scan and I could feel the people shifting behind me and frankly I had spent enough time and I said, 'never mind it is fine." and the clerk gratefully put it aside. It was an owl shaped lip balm. I can live without it.

My regret is that I did not say anything to that woman. She wasn't some harried, overwhelmed mom struggling to keep it together. I have seen those and they have my respect. She was just a terribly inconsiderate person who did not care how she impacted others. She was AWARE that she did, because as she approached the counter she said, "look at all these folks waiting for us" but then twice interrupted the completion of hers and then mine to "look at stuff".

I get that I sound cranky, but that is not it. We can overcome so many things, become tolerant of everyone and we should. We can teach our kids to be accepting of each person for who they are, but if we lose the concept of civility and consideration for our fellow people we lose a lot. I don't care what you wear, whether you chose to wear your art, pierce yourself, ink yourself, wear little whales on your pants, I don't care. I see YOU. If that you is a jerk, nothing else about what you wear matters to me