Paranormal vs. Supernatural

Is there a difference?  Is it splitting hairs ?  I personally feel more comfortable with the word "paranormal" as opposed to "Supernatural" because it seems less flaky to me.  That is totally a *me* issue.

Paranormal describes something not yet quantified, while Supernatural implies something unquantifiable.  Again, just me. 

Recently certain buzz words have popped up that people are latching onto and asking about.  In the last year or so, I have seen a huge increase in people asking for books about "Shadow people" and "Black Eyed" children as if these things are subjects unto themselves.  I have never understood them to be so and my readings (pre Most Haunted/Ghost Hunters effect) did not describe either as a unique entity.  Black eyed children, especially, seem to fit more comfortably in folklore than in paranormal research, but I simply do not know enough about the subject to say with certainty.

One thing is for certain, pop culture steers peoples interest.  Perhaps pop culture is another word for folklore?

I know that when The Conjuring was released, Demonology became the hot topic.  The TV Show Paranormal Witness popularized Black Eyed children and Shadow people, well everyone seems to have covered them.

When I ask people about their experiences, many many people report seeing "shadowy figures" but only after hearing the phrase Shadow People do they then assume they saw an entity that was good or bad or human or inhuman. It seems to me that the observer does a lot to determine the shadowy nature of what he/she is seeing! Are they Paranormal or Supernatural in your eyes?

What do you think?  Have you had an experience with either Black eyed children or Shadow People?  please share!