So, it seems the world is crazy for haunted dolls of late.  it is no wonder, of course, with the success of the film The Conjuring.  The film is reportedly based on "true events" which makes the story all the more compelling.  I would lean more toward the word "truish".  I do not want to be a downer, but I take a lot of the "demon possessed doll" stories with a grain of salt, but there are a few interesting ones none the less! 

This movie has made people look at their sweet Holly Hobby faced residents a lot more closely.  Did she move?  Was that a cry I heard?  My imagination?   I don't think I can fairly answer that for each and every case, but certainly some people are reacting to the fear the movie and the story cause.

Still, there is something that gets to us.  The Paranormal Museum is home to a lot of objects that have either come from haunted locations or are reported to be haunted themselves, including Alice, a doll donated to us just this past July.  It does seem likely that the movie motivated the donation, but we are excited and happy to have her. 

There are many other objects onsite that tend to unnerve me more than Alice, but my staff feels differently.  The Palo Mayombe Cauldron, for instance feels much more  invasive and dark to me, because that is its purpose.  Whether it is my own sympathetic responses or not, something about the cauldron makes me uncomfortable.  perhaps because i know that a grave was desecrated to "activate" it.  Perhaps because the man who donated it to The Paranormal Museum was so level headed and matter of fact about it and yet utterly convinced that a spirit remained attached to it.  Perhaps because we know the name of the spirit and one of our psychics got the name without even knowing the cauldron had been donated.

I'm not sure.  Alice is creepy though, because the story around her, if real, is unsettling.  The idea of an inanimate object fashioned to look like a child getting up at night and moving, consciously and intently is unsettling to say the very least.  

I am anxious to see if we experience the same thing.  One thing is for sure, Alice is welcome here and as she has never done anything negative, we will withhold judgement.  For now...