Just seeing those numbers evokes strange feelings.  I remember the dread and excitement the approaching of 1984 evoked in an avid young reader, as if the date itself held some magical power because of it titled such an impressive work of literature. These number evoke something different, more tenuous, more timid but still present.

We finally seem to be turning the corner from the first "real" winter we have had in years to spring.  I actually love winter, something about it being "ok" to stay in doors and also, my cold Irish blood hates the heat.  But I have noticed strange little things coming back to life at The Paranormal Museum.

It feels almost like everyone hibernated this year, including our non corporeal residents.  It was steady and quiet until the last week in February, right about the 19th.  I was in the shop for our "Psychic Development Workshop" (which you should definitely check out!) When I heard something shuffling in the museum.  Now, anyone who knows me I fear nothing, no man nor beast, save furry little critters. I will (and have!) spent hours in a pitch black solitary cell in an abandoned prison, but the idea of a mouse sends me screaming like a cartoon character.  I tell you this because the fear makes me VERY aware what they sound like.  If this was a mouse, it was 4 foot tall one with hard rubber shoes.

Still, I might have doubted myself if I had been alone, but I was not.  The gentleman standing next to me turned and said, "who is in there?".  I just smiled and shrugged.  He had to see for himself.  And he did.  No one was "in there".

Two nights later we had an investigation/tour.  For the first time ever we caught something really unusual on the outside portion of our investigation.  The image corresponds to a story that has been told in AP for over 140 years.

I guess what I am saying here is that this really HAS been a tough winter.   So tough, that even the dead are restless and ready to get to business.  You should come check us out in the spring, we have new exhibits, new donations, but mostly because we have old residents.  Older than you can imagine ;)