If you build it..

well, they won't necessarily come.  The Paranormal Museum is 4 years old this week and what a truly strange four years it has been!  When I first decided to open TPM. I knew that not everyone would appreciate what we were doing.  I knw that I would get flak from a lot of different people because TPM could not possibly be everything they wanted.

Firstly, I was taking a small space (about 900 sq. ft.) and shoving as much of the paranormal into it as I could.  There were bound to be paranormalists that felt short changed.

Secondly, I was not sure how to describe or define exactly what The Paranormal Museum was and I fretted (too much probably about people being not understanding.  

What I have learned in four years is that some people enjoy it some people just don't get it and some people just will never ever be happy.  I love it, myself  I love the "Roadside America" feel to it, jam packed with strange relics and uniquities from around the world.  I love the 5,000 year timeline of the paranormal and our "wall of fame".

I have finally come to terms with allowing it to be what it is, which is an ever changing collection of strange objects and strange stories that educate and entertain.   


Happy Birthday to The Paranormal Museum- I am very proud of you and how you are's to another 4 years!