Paranormal Investigation or Ghost Hunting?

I am constantly going back and forth between these two descriptions for what I do, what people want, what we offer.  I'm probably most comfortable with Paranormal Safari, because I think we are observers and little else.  At least, ideally. But no one seems interested in that tee shirt.  And we all know, if there is one thing paranormalists love it is  a nice black tee shirt.

But seriously, I have a hard time with "Ghost Hunting". First, it seems to be just plain incorrect, I mean, I can't hang the head of a ghost on a wall can I?  Because trust me, if I could, there would be one in The Paranormal Museum.  Second, it seems very aggressive.  So you might be guessing now, and you be right, that the guilt would prevent me from hanging said mounted ghost head in The Paranormal Museum. The phrase also seems presumptuous.  I mean, I try hard to not assume I am looking for a ghost.  That way, if/when I find something really compelling, I know it is not just my preconceived notions.

The plus to "Ghost Hunting", of course, is that people recognize it, because of the television show (and probably from Hans Holzer books and a few others, but mostly the SyFy show) and that means they have certain understanding and expectations of what will and won't happen.  So, Ghost Hunting is recognizable and marketable.  That is a plus.  The negative is that its is cavalier & shallow sounding.  It does not sound like a serious or valid pursuit or interest, but rather like a fun silly thing to do. There is nothing wrong with fun and silly, but my head and heart take this much more seriously.

So that leads us the Paranormal Investigation.  Yeah, that sounds pretty serious, doesn't it?  But it isn't exactly right either.  I mean, yes there is protocol and standard operating procedures, but we are all pretty much masters of out own field here.  There is no governing body to dictate rules or standards.  Still, it seems a little more serious than Ghost Hunting. 

Isn't amazing how complicated, broad, flexible, and all many of other adjectives the field of paranormal studies is?  I mean, even the name of what we do is open to debate an interpretation, no wonder we are all running around in the dark and talking to invisible people!

Someone just suggested spook hunt and spectre seeking.

Finally, my nephew said " wait..I thought you were a Ghostbuster"