The Devil went down to Asbury Park

Okay, I am finally going to write this one.  It isn't the one I intended to write and certainly not so soon, but here it is. 

Seance's don't scare me.  Ouija Boards do not scare me.  They do not have any intrinsic powers demonic or otherwise.  They are made of cardboard or wood or plastic or paper or whatever.

there..I said it.  Don't hate me!  Or if you do...hate me for something better than that!

Seances are not by definition a doorway to evil forces or an invitation for the devil to enter your soul.  It is a word, a name.  People circumvent the fear factor of the word by saying they are having "Circles" or a "Gallery Reading", but it is the same thing.

When I decided to start looking at this sort of event, a psychic group event, I didn't know what to expect, but I sure as hell knew what it was called.  What I was proposing to do was and old fashioned seance.  This is why I didn't call it something else.  What I proposed was a group of people, sitting in a circle, using their collective energy and abilities to attempt to make contact with those who had died. 

Expectations?  Not sure I had any.  But something began to happen.  It changed week to week.  But this is not about seances per se.  This is about fear. Fear is the power that invites in negativity.  People feed this fear by associating a frightening event with a specific object (like a Ouija Board) but its the board that had any power, its the act or the person who did.  Therefore if you are fearful of it, you will attract things that you fear. 

People began to ask me if I was ever afraid of inviting in a demon.  My answer is simple, "No, I don't invite in Demons".  I don't think any of what I do opens doors that cannot or do not close.  I am not denying that there are people who have had bad, very bad experiences and that they believe they have been assaulted or attacked.  I just believe that their interpretation has more to do with it than any intent by a spirit.

Let me say here something that is very important:  if you are afraid of a Ouija Board DO NOT USE ONE.  Not because they are doorways to hell, but rather because you are already afraid.  If that is the case than any experience you have will be filtered through that fear and is almost guaranteed to be a negative, frightening one.  The same goes for seances or psychics. Instead, spend some time reading about these things, from as many different perspectives as possible.
The more information you have, the more power you have over ANYTHING.  You may decide that Ouija Boards are evil, that Seances are bad, you may decide that they are wastes of time.  But the important thing is that you will be the one making a decision, not your fear or even worse, someone else's fear.

In no way am I implying that spirit communication is something that should be treated cavalierly.  It is not.  But neither is it a profane act. If spirits exist, if communication is possible, if our minds and our brains and our bodies are capable of experiencing more than we currently think, it is a natural thing and exploring nature is part of our make up (or nature, if you will). We explore nature all the time to keep ourselves attached to it and also to experience the joy and wonder of its vastness.   So, yes, be careful, yes, be prepared!  But do not be so afraid that you never go on an adventure!