The Paranormal Museum


Paranormal Books & Curiosities is proud to host The Paranormal Museum. The Paranormal Museum is a small, storefront museum, in the tradition of "Roadside America" attractions.  It houses a collection of historical and educational exhibits that explore the unexplained myths, legends and folklore that permeate our culture, dot our history books and continue to defy explanation in our world, despite all the advances of science and modern technology.

The Paranormal Museum was created for the purpose of exploring those mysteries that remain in our modern world of science and reason. It is a showcase of all that exists in the borderland betwixt imagination and reality. The exhibits featured in the Museum bring to life the myths, legends, folklore and superstitions through genuine artifacts and artful interpretations. Visitors to the Museum are invited to explore the real life history and diverse culture woven into the fabric of each unsolved paranormal mystery. In the end, it is up to each of us to decide what is a fantasy and what could be truly possible.

What is "paranormal" exactly? Paranormal is a term that encompasses everything in our world which lacks true definition. A dictionary explains it as "events that can not be readily explained, by known conventional reasons and/or commonly accepted science".  

We often get asked how long it takes to go through The Paranormal Museum.  This is strictly up to the person going through! There is a lot of information, a lot to read and look at and several video displays, however all of this is in a small storefront museum, so while the square footage is about 1200 sq. ft, the information is much bigger! Some people go through in 10 minutes, some people take an hour! 


Timeline of the Paranormal- From ancient days to yesterday, paranormal events have been recorded, learn of the most exciting and most mysterious...

Haunted objects- can a spirit inhabit an object? Several of our relics have a reputation for being haunted, even possessed.  Or newest donation, the doll Alice, is reported to move at night of her own accord..

The Jersey Devil- Fact? Fiction? Something in between? Vampires...Werewolves..A spirit contained in a cauldron...all of these wonders are currently on display.  We are not The Met, we are The Paranormal Museum

Paranormal is by definition a study with constantly moving borders.  It encompasses much more than just ghosts or ghost hunting!


We are currently renovating and will reopen April 1, 2017 (No, really!)

The Paranormal Museum offers guided tours hourly.  Tickets are available:



The Paranormal Museum is also reported to be haunted. Want proof? Check out one investigative team's evidence below or come visit the Museum and experience it for yourself!