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Ghosthunters of New England


Ghosthunters of New England


Biographical Note:
ALAN BROWN is professor of English at the University of West Alabama. He is the author of the southern ghost stories books The Face in the Window and Other Alabama Ghostlore (1997), Shadows and Cypress (2000), Haunted Places in the American South (2002), Stories from the Haunted South (2004), and Ghost Hunters of the South (2006).

Review Quotes:
"Ghost Hunters of New England by Alan Brown will acquaint you with several bunches of believers from Connecticut to Maine who not only believe, but who go out and actively LOOK for spooks and spook doings, new and old. Just don't ask to borrow my copy . . . . Get your own -- it's a real live hoot in the making." --Lincoln County News (Damariscotta, Maine)

Marc Notes:
Includes bibliographical references, filmography and index.

Publisher Marketing:
New England abounds with unnerving ghost stories and spooky tales of haunted houses, hotels, and battlefields. In Ghost Hunters of New England, Alan Brown finds that ghost lore is not nearly enough for the insatiably curious. In each of the six New England states groups of ghost hunters like the members of Connecticut's "Skeleton Crew Paranormal Research Society" and Maine's "Bangor Ghost Hunters Association" pack cameras, Geiger counters, electromagnetic field detectors, digital voice recorders, infrared thermometers, thermal scanners, oscilloscopes, tape recorders, computers, and dowsing rods in search of elusive proof of supernatural activity. In this book the reader tags along with Brown and the ghost hunters on exciting and frightening investigations of places throughout New England. We meet the teachers, doctors, accountants, housewives, and law enforcement personnel who devote much of their free time to a quest that many outsiders view with skepticism--if not scorn. They are passionate about, even obsessed by, their expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes dangerous and chilling avocation. In fascinating, startling, and sometimes humorous accounts, Brown highlights the determination of these individuals to secure positive proof of the existence of the spirit realm and answer the question: "What happens to the soul after death?"

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