Defense Against the Dark: A Field


Defense Against the Dark: A Field



Table of Contents:
Introduction -- How to Use This Book -- Part I. A Field Guide to Magickal Creatures and Occult Happenings -- Chapter 1. Faeries: Bean-sidhe, Brownie and Boggart, Goblin, Leanan-sidhe, Merfolk, Pixy, Phooka, Red-Cap, The Wild Hunt, Will-o'-the-Wisp -- Chapter 2. Bogeys: Black Lady, Gremlin, The Others, Poltergeist -- Chapter 3. Demons: Infernal, Djinn, Ghoul, Hellhound, Imp, Nachtmare -- Chapter 4. Vampires: Classic Vampire, Modern Vampire, Sexual Vampire, Nosferatu, Vampire Witch -- Chapter 5. Dead and Undead: Hungry Ghost, Intelligent Ghost, Living Ghost, Residual Ghost, Revenant, Shadow People -- Chapter 6. Malignant Magick: Curse, Elemental, Doppelganger, Portal, Possession, Shape-Shifter, Thoughtform -- Part II. Magickal Protection -- Chapter 7. Basic Protection -- Chapter 8. Tools -- Chapter 9. Protective Charms and Incantations -- Chapter 10. Cleansing and Protective Rituals -- Chapter 11. Hex-Breaking -- Chapter 12. In Case of Emergency, Break Glass -- Appendix: Index of Symptoms -- Bibliography -- Index -- About the Author.

Publisher Marketing:
A Field Guide to Protecting Yourself from Predatory Spirits Energy Vampires and Malevolent Magick. .

Contributor Bio:  Carlin, Emily
Emily Carlin has been a magickal practitioner for more than a decade. She is the Grey School of Wizardry's Dean of Dark Arts, specializing in defensive magick and creatures of the night, teaching magickal protection to people of all ages and skill levels. Emily also holds a BA in philosophy from Wellesley College and a JD from Seattle University School of Law, and is a member of the Washington State Bar. Carlin is a lifelong resident of Seattle, Washington.

Contributor Bio:  Serra, Daniele
Allyson Bird's debut collection, Bull Running for Girls, won best collection, in the British Fantasy Society awards, 2009. Dark Regions Press published her second collection of stories, Wine and Rank Poison, in October of 2010. She is co-editor, with Joel Lane, of the anthology, Never Again, from Gray Friar Press in September 2010. Isis Unbound is her first novel. Allyson Bird lives in the Wairarapa, New Zealand, with her husband and daughter. Occasionally she is drawn to strange places and people, and occasionally they are drawn to her. Her favourite playground, both as an adult and child, is the village graveyard. Once she wondered what would happen if she took one of the green stones from a grave. She has been looking over her shoulder ever since but has never given it back.

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