Come explore the hidden secrets of haunted locations, paranormal investigating and ghostly experiences. Our Museum explores our haunted history and houses haunted relics from across the globe.  PBC can bring you on a paranormal investigation and teach you the ins & outs of ghost hunting while also educating you on paranormal research.  Visit with an open mind and you will find something to inspire and intrigue you!

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Asbury Park Walking Tours

Asbury Park Walking Tours

Paranormal Books & Curiosities is in its 7th year of offering Ghost Tours!

We offer the following Tours:

Friday & Saturday

Ghosts & legends Downtown Asbury Park 8 pm

Saturday (scheduled)

Ghosts of Historic Smithville Village Greene 8 pm


Ghosts of the Asbury Park Boardwalk 7 pm

Friday Sept. 26 at 7 pm

Get your ghost photo taken!

Thomas John Is Coming To Asbury Park for and Exclusive Afternoon WITH SPIRIT ! - September 28th, 2014


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Also Available September 28th - "Dinner With The Dead"
@ The Tides
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September Seance SOLD OUT

Friday October 24, 2014 AVAILABLE

The Ghost Hunter's Tour/Investigation

The Ghost Hunter's Tour/Investigation

Ghost Hunter's Tour & Investigation

September SOLD OUT

Saturday October 25, 2014 AVAILABLE