Come explore the hidden secrets of haunted locations, paranormal investigating and ghostly experiences of New Jersey and beyond!. Our Museum explores our haunted history and houses haunted relics from across the globe.  PBC can bring you on a paranormal investigation and teach you the ins & outs of ghost hunting while also educating you on paranormal research. New Jersey and The Jersey Shore have many amazing tales of the supernatural! Visit with an open mind and you will find something to inspire and intrigue you!

Paranormal Research- Equipment-Books- Knowledge-Museum

627 Cookman Avenue - Asbury Park, NJ

Friday October 16 at 7 pm SOLD OUT

 Wednesday October 21 SOLD OUT

Friday November 13 AVAILABLE

Join us around the table as we attempt to cross the divide between the living and the dead..

Limited seating $30 per person


Adapted and performed by Greg Oliver Bodine
Directed by DeLisa M. White

New York City actor / playwright, Greg Oliver Bodine, returns to Paranormal Books & Curiosities to perform Edgar Allan Poe's classic tale of murder...and mortar!  More...

WHEN: Friday, October 9 at 7:00pm. One night only.

TICKETS: $15 General Admission

The Ghost Hunter's Tour

Saturday October 17 SOLD OUT

Saturday November 13 AVAILABLE

When hearing the stories isn't enough- you hunt the ghosts.

$30 per person

Limited availability

Samurai Seance

100 Candles

Friday October 30 at 7 pm

100 Tales of the Supernatural..speak the name of the dead and they appear..

Join us on Mischief Night for a full seance and an evening of supernatural tales..

All you need are your stories.....


your courage.....

Hello! I know a lot of you have been hearing that we closed The Paranormal Museum. That is not true! We purchased another building that will allow us to expand our Shop & Museum, but it is not ready for us yet. In the mean time, we have decided to showcase our collection in the shop itself at NO CHARGE. Paranormal is like the universe..expanding! not contracting! - check us out! Find a book..get a reading from Delaney or just check out the collection on display? We are ready to believe you!